Monday, May 28, 2007

A Skeleton Walks Into A Bar

Sometimes I get really overwhelmed with work. That's when I do things like get up at five, color comics, go to work for eight hours, then come home and write until eleven, then go to sleep and repeat for weeks on end.

Then there are the times when I am so paralyzed by work that I just procrastinate.

I've been in that state for a few days. I have far too much work to do. Office work, not freelance. What does one do when faced with mind-boggling amounts of office work?

Why, locate ancient Director animations and then fight with them for three days, risking hard drive and operating system in order to update them and make them presentable to a modern computer.

But of course.

Presenting: "A Skeleton Tale" starring Brett and Steve, with art by Steve and Kevin. Advice: Let it load for two minutes before you play. It's much nicer without it seizing up due to slow connection speeds. And turn up your sound.

Tomorrow, the sequel! A grasshopper goes into a bar, y'see...

If I can stomach staring at the Mac anymore, that is.


Anne-Marie Weeden said...

Love it.

Especially because I personally am the master of distract.... oh look, a squirrel!


Steve Buccellato said...

I'll have ONE!

Marie Javins said...

GROAN. The grasshopper soundtrack just won't update. I was too clever in using PuppetSounds, it seems, and they just don't want to play nice in today's software.

I have all of the original files. I guess it's time I learned to use Director MX 2004.

Ed Ward said...

What an incredible waste of my time! What a silly little animation. You should be ashamed of yourself for procrastinating with such trivial stuff.

Dang, too bad the grasshopper one won't go up.

Brett said...

I'm pretty good in this thing but the best parts are:

1)The music


2)The fact that the bartender is a dwarf who stands on the bar.