Friday, May 11, 2007

Scan Iran

I still have a few boxes to unpack, but one casualty of the move was my old scanner. It was squarely dropped along the way (not by the movers) and it now makes a squealing noise when scanning.

But I ordered a new scanner and it arrived yesterday. I got a refurbished Epson 4990 Photo, which while cheap for what it is, still cost a bundle ($279). My old scanner was twenty dollars. The Epson is the high-end of the consumer flatbeds. I'm hoping its negative scanner is good enough for archival scans of my old negatives.

While I was at work, the FedEx guy left my new scanner under the steps, by the garbage cans. I'm lucky it was still there since it was trash pick-up night.

I celebrated by scanning a few Iran photos. Here is me buying a carpet, Esfahan, the tombs of Darius and Xerxes, and Persepolis. The "Down with USA" was in a hotel lobby. I only encountered nice people in Iran though. I suspect the sign was left over from the seventies.


Marie said...

For those of you who are confused, because I bought a new 11x17/A3 scanner last autumn, that one was for work and now it is on my desk in the new New York office. This is my home scanner.

I need a desk, bookcases, and actually all kinds of other things too. But one thing at a time.

Casey Jones said...

Those pictures are amazing!