Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Monsters on 26th Street

Today was a big taking-care-of-business day. I did the yearly ob/gyn thing (always a humbling experience) and then headed to the hair colorist. Both of these things require a trip across the river to Manhattan as well as a walk between the two locales.

I was heading south on Sixth Avenue, around 26th Street. I stopped at a DON'T WALK sign--no, not because it told me to, but because there were taxis barreling through the intersection--and noticed that about seven people around me were looking up.

One of them was a fat guy in a suit, another was scruffy and down-trodden like a bike messenger who'd lost his bike, two were fairly respectable women in nice office clothing, one was a student-age guy. I've forgotten what the others looked like.

I followed their glances. They were all staring at a massive crane that had lifted a huge dumpster off of a construction site and was carrying it through the sky.

It was really big, so I looked at it too. Then I thought how funny it was that we were all standing on a corner staring at a giant machine. I couldn't help it; presumably neither could they. Monster machines are just really cool, and to everyone, not just a certain type of person.

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