Thursday, May 11, 2006

Going on Safari

Guess where I get to go tomorrow?

Hint: Check out the blog's title.


Pville Peg said...

Safari in Jersey City? Safari in the Pine Barrens? Off to the Wilds of Manhattan? Hmm... how curious!

P.S. If you do the summer-in-Stockholm thing, don't forget that the descendents of Cap are gathering in Va. on August 5... Even the elusive cousin K, who also seems to have inherited the same wanderlust genes that have given you trouble ;-) I sure hope you'll be there! Bring the eSwede, too!

Marie Javins said...

Jambo. The blog's title! Not the entry title. Sigh.

skrutt xo said...

Marie, my beloved sister,
PLEASE relocate to Stockholm this summer. Hx

Horseshoe said...
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Horseshoe said...

out of curiosity .. why you travel allot from Kuwait to Spain to Africa? .. and god knows where you will head after.
and do you enjoy traveling allot .. is it apart of your job or it's something you like to do?
just questions that crossed my mind while i was reading the posts