Sunday, May 14, 2006

Inauspicious Beginning

Hm, so far my big trip has gone like this.

-Two nights "sleeping" on airplanes.
-No one at airport holding a sign with my name on it, so I caught the hotel shuttle.
-At hotel, my name wasn't at the front desk so the receptionist worked out that I wasn't going to finish my freelance today and go to a reception tonight, that was last night that the group stayed at the hotel (who knows why they booked me to arrive the day after) and I was due to get in a van and go on safari in an hour. And then said it was $25 for the hotel shuttle and $18 for breakfast. I talked my way out of the $25 charge and decided to go hungry.
-The shower by the swimming pool opens at the same time my van leaves.
-My bosses are all going to kill me for not getting my work done today and then being out of touch for a week. I wouldn't be surprised is at least one of them fired my ass.
-I'm pretty sure I stink. I wouldn't mind brushing my teeth and changing my clothes. I'll go do that in the ladies room as soon as I finish uploading some files. Wonder if the wifi works in the ladies room. I bet it does! I always enjoy taking a sink shower and changing my clothes in the public ladies room in a fancy hotel. Now is my big chance.

Other than that, Nairobi looks much the same as it did in November.

AWA. Africa Wins Again.

1 comment:

Di Mackey said...

Sounds like one of those good stories retrospectively ... once normal services are in some way resumed.

Good luck :)