Sunday, July 14, 2013

Walking Well Before Midnight

I totally forgot to mention that while I was at my mom's, she and her husband and I went to the Patsy Cline historic house in Winchester, Virginia.

This house has been in Winchester all along, since before my mother was born, but it was only recently turned into a site. Patsy Cline was looked down on in Winchester for many years. She was the child of a single mother in a time when that was not considered appropriate, and she wanted to be a singer. So she wasn't genteel, and the town wanted nothing to do with her back in her own generation.

Ed Ward pointed out to me this excellent article about Patsy Cline's childhood home and relationship with Winchester.

Many years ago, I'd thought about going to Winchester to find Patsy Cline's house, but I never had. Now I'm glad I waited, since it's been restored and opened to the public.

The tour itself is kind of tough. There's a lot of standing and listening to the lecture. I would mix it up a bit more if I were in charge, moving the visitors a bit faster and then maybe circling back to the entry room. The standing in one place for so long bit was trying. Plus I developed some kind of drastic reaction to some cleaning product and nearly had to flee.

I'm glad we went, but next time, we need to check the Museum of the Shenandoah too. And maybe we can go back to Dinosaurland, which never gets old, though it's older than I am.

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