Saturday, June 30, 2007

No Passport Required

My Middle East trip has been delayed for a few weeks. It's disappointing. While I'm not keen to roast under the scorching sun, I hate waiting. I'm living in Limbo. I didn't join the gym again because I was leaving a week ago (in theory). I used up all my groceries and didn't buy more. I didn't make any plans to meet friends for coffee or dinner. I even almost unpacked everything from moving back from the last trip to the Middle East.

The longer it takes for me to get to Egypt, the longer it takes for me to get back by autumn, and to get on with my life. Which in theory involves a West Africa trip. Though more than one person has pointed out that I'll already be on the African continent once I'm in Egypt, but it's almost harder to get to Morocco by surface transport from there than from here.

For now, the best I can do is attend the Egyptian Festival at Journal Square. JC is home to thousands of Egyptians, many of them Coptic. My Arabic teacher, for example, is an Egyptian Coptic Christian.

Usually street fairs are mostly designed to sell funnel cake, but maybe I can find some nice hummous up at Journal Square today.

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