Sunday, June 03, 2007

Owl-Eagle-Mouth-Two Strokes-Reed

Egypt. Seems like I was just there.

Wait... I was.

And here I am almost definitely heading back in a few weeks.

The office helper, a Nubian man from the Upper Nile region, kept offering to get me a necklace of my name in hieroglyphics.

"I have one of those from when I came to Egypt as a tourist," I explained. I didn't want anyone buying me gifts.

"But you don't have one from Aswan." His disappointment showed. But he didn't buy me a necklace.

I opened a box packed in 2000 today. At the bottom was a dusty box of jewelry. Most of it went right in the trash, except for things I'd had since I was a kid. I kept this, though I don't think I'd ever wear it in public.


Linja said...

Do you know how long you'll be in Cairo this time?

evalinn said...

Some things u just want to keep for what they are, without wanting to use them. Great that u´re going back soon!

Amanda Castleman said...

Courage, mon ami,
(my god, I sound like a zoo schedule)

The other Marie said...

Hey. I have one that looks just like that... oh wait...