Friday, July 26, 2013

La Mole in Mexico City

Here are some shots from La Mole Comic Con in Mexico City. Richard took the shot of me.

I dropped by his table and hung out for several hours, catching up as it's been a while and I missed San Diego Comic Con this year and he had missed the New York Con.

Eventually, it was time to walk back to Hotel New York to pick up my tiny overnight bag (well, grocery bag, really) and head to the bus station. I caught the last express bus back to San Miguel. This was less comfy than the outgoing bus had been as the bus was full and the guy next to me was obtrusive.

I got in too late for the local buses to still be running in San Miguel de Allende, so after standing cluelessly at the bus stop for a minute, I hailed a taxi.

"Hidalgo y Insugentes, por favor."

He dropped me at the taco stand.

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