Monday, January 19, 2009

Leaving La Paz

But I like these people. I don't want to leave them.

I was standing on a landing in Hotel Rosario in La Paz, having just left the group of 8 others that I'd spent the last few weeks with. Three were off on their own plans for the jungle in the morning, two separately bound for Chile, and three continuing on with a different GAP leader bound for Peru.

Strange, no? I am not usually so keen on strangers, mistrusting them for ages before I decide that they are all right.

But I had a bus ticket for Peru for eight the next morning. Hey-There grunted when I tried to wake her. Never mind. I'd find her tomorrow night in Puno when she caught up to me.

The bus goes to Copabacana, where I was to transfer to a bus that would take me across the border to Peru.

Two items of interest occurred on the bus trip: 1) I felt tummy grumblings and realized I had Montezuma's Revenge. It took all my self-control not to vomit on the bus journey. 2) The bus crossed Lake Titicaca on a rickety ferry. Really! Take a look at the video below. Scary stuff. Wonder what Captain Sully would make of this.


Marie said...

I really hate the quality of Blogger video. Must find a way around this.

Prof. Roy Richardson said...

Not much of an improvement over the reed boats they used to use; do those friggin' things even have motors on 'em?

Marie said...

I think they must have had motors but my god... I'm surprised the buses don't fall right off into the lake.