Sunday, January 04, 2009

Party in Potosi

I'm on a small group expedition with a company called GAP. Long-time readers might recognize this company as the one that I went to Antarctica with. They aren't my favorite company for this sort of travel—that honor is split between Intrepid and Dragoman. But they are cheapish and the timing was right.

The itinerary goes: La Paz, Sucre, Potosi, Uyuni, La Paz. Then I'm on my own, bussing it over to Lake Titicaca before flying up to Cuzco, then via Lima to home.

I'm kind of here because I felt lame for not going anywhere new in 2008 (I'd been to Colombia and the Grand Canyon before), kind of here because ERH keeps badgering me about Strip Passport, kind of here because I'd never been to Bolivia, and kind of here because I had such a horrible New Year's Eve last year that I didn't want to acknowledge New Year's Eve, much less live through it.

Nevertheless. the calendar marches on in Bolivia much as it does in New York.

And here is how they celebrate in Potosi.

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