Sunday, January 04, 2009

Over the Hill and Far Away

To Potosi we go!

After my shoe repair emergency in Sucre, we loaded out bags and selves into three taxis and headed out for the three hour drive to the silver mining town of Potosi.

Our trip leader and two others were put into a taxi that was a "super-saloon."

Super-saloon. Huh? What am I missing?

But I got to go in the dinosaur taxi.

The road was the reason Dramamine was invented. We squiggled up over the hill, our driver munching on coca leaves the whole time. I sat in the front and tried not to turn around when I spoke to the two passengers in the back.

"Eyes on the horizon."

I hadn't taken any Dramamine.

We passed an elaborate bridge called Point Sucre, stopped for a potty break once, and pulled into Potosi at lunchtime.

And the skies opened up.

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