Saturday, May 12, 2007

My Favorite Martian

Unpacking dilemma of the day:

I loved Quisp cereal as a kid. I had a Quisp piggybank though I broke one propellor off it.

This is my Quisp watch. Do I buy a battery and wear it, or do I sell it on eBay? Course, it's only $24.95 new on the Quisp website, so maybe the question is more should I wear it or give it away?


evalinn said...

Wear it of course, it´s awesome. I´m not aquainted with this Mr Quisp, but he seems like a nice guy.

Ed Ward said...

Okay, a new one's twenty-five bucks, but if you had this one as a kid, it's vintage! Worth lots more!

(Ducking as the Wrath of Marie comes through the Intertubes).

Marie said...

Quisp actually WAS invented when I was a kid, or maybe just before I was born. And the character was by the Bullwinkle guys, which is cool.

BUT this watch isn't from then. I got it later, sometime when I lived on Avenue B. Which is only the Stone Age if you're a new resident of Hipster B, and speak in hushed tones of "when it was a ghetto." (I'm not kidding, people really think that. It's what their real estate agents told them.)

Ed Ward said...

I lived on 7th between C and D in 1966. It was a ghetto. Trust me on this.

Marie said...

You started this thread by making fun of *my* age??

Anyway, I am resisting following up, but there is an interesting documentary of that block. I was definitely not there in 1966.

Brettson said...

What kind of cereal is so outlaw you can only buy it online? That's awesome.

Susan D-L said...

I loved Quisp (and Quake) as a little kid in the sixties! Of course, I think it was mainly for the cool animated ads and the awesome plastic dinosaurs they included as premiums...

Ziggy said...

I'll take that Quisp watch off your hands, for $25.00!
I am a huge fan/collector of Quisp, and about a year ago, I purchased a Quisp watch on eBay for $16.85 (there was only 1 other bidder!). After wearing it only about a half dozen times, the crystal broke.
The problem is, there are NO watch repair people on Maui (where I live), and it seems that the closest ones who work on "non-traditional" watches, are in California.
Let me know if you decide to sell it!
PS...After putting in a new battery, maybe I should have left it in the box--which is where it is now, of course :(

Marie said...


I like it lots but it's not doing me a lot of good sitting in its box in a cabinet. But I never put in a new battery so have no idea if it works.