Thursday, April 09, 2020

The Dressmaker

I did some digging around online to see if I could fix my sewing machine. I got this for fifty bucks from a little sewing store that used to be on Magnolia, and that's probably the right price if you think of it as a dollar a year for the life of the machine.

The lightbulb wasn't just out—the little bulb was detached from the socket, which was wedged into the housing. My first inclination was to throw the whole thing away and order a new one, but then I realized I can barely lift the machine and probably couldn't get it into a dumpster by myself, and donating is out of the question right now. Everything is closed and will be closed for at least another month.

Finally, I just took the assembly apart. Oh. Easy-peasy.

A trip to CVS and a lightbulb later, the Dressmaker was back in business.

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