Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tell Me About Your Father

I have a huge backlog of web video that I've been slowly upgrading to HD and posting on Vimeo. This enables me to post something of decent quality without sorting out the "who can play Flash and who can only do HTML5" problem.

Which is becoming less of a problem as we kiss Flash's ass good-bye, thanks to some bold moves by a company named after a fruit. (No offense, Mom's dog Flash.)

I made this video in 2008 when Thanos first bought his Zoom H2 during one of our pilgrimages to B&H. We went over to Denise's, which was a temporary apartment on the water since her house was under renovation, and Denise and I improvised a therapy visit as a framework for the audio I wanted to play.

I was trying to contrast the cute-kid photos against the hellish situation, and to show the absurdity of therapy when the therapist isn't really paying attention.

Anyway, I love this, but please proceed with caution, as the audio is fucking obscene.

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