Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Day's Work

I'm in the middle of editing a massive project for Marvel—feels like I've been working on it for months rather than years. It's a prose novel with multiple viewpoints. I've got to pay attention.

I go a little nuts sitting at my desk in my home office all day, so I tend to take lots of mini-breaks. Today I first threw a box in the back of my car, then drove over to my former tenant's house. 

What if they're not home?

They were, right by the front door. 

"Here. This is yours."

"It is? Oh, wait..."

The guy went into the bedroom and came back with my computer speakers. I really wanted these back, as they're kind of fancy. 

Delighted, I headed back to Hamilton Park to meet Denise for coffee, and then went into her studio, where she does her silkscreening in the old nursing hospital above Hamilton Park. Her studio has a view of the Empire State Building.
I love it—I still want one. And I still can't quite justify it. What would I do in a studio that can't be done here in my home office, in front of my computer speakers?

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