Friday, March 23, 2012

How Not to Be A Coward

Sometimes I go back and read this post I wrote in 2005, and it still resonates.

Today it resonates with me, still, about me trying to overcome my anxiety and panic about relationships—that's a byproduct of the bad stuff in 2005—but also, it resonates when I see and try to understand the behavior of people who are behaving badly.

Change is hard. Being brave in a blustery way, the way I do when I cross continents on buses, is easy.

Confronting your own emotional cowardice or inability to actually interact on any intimate level? That's tough. I need to read this sometimes, to remember why I bother trying to get through situations that make me uncomfortable.

Sometimes I veer off into what almost sounds like self-help, don't I? But it's really just me, thinking about my own actions, and those of people around me. 

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