Monday, March 26, 2012

Civil Wars

In the weird-coincidence department, my mother (in the photo) attended a ceremony honoring her professor yesterday. He's a Civil War expert, and she's taken his classes and gone on his field trips since 1989.

The State of Virginia was honoring his educational feats, and they'd come up with a gag gift for him, Marvel's Civil War graphic novel.

My mother was surprised to see it, because she knows that this is the book I was working on at that same moment, up in J.C. I've been editing the prose novelization manuscript of this book for weeks now.

Which got me thinking...Cap=Lee, Grant=Stark. Right?

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John Bligh said...

Why does US Grant always get a bad rap? The man was a brilliant General and understood modern warfare beter than anyone else of his day. And he kicked ass!