Saturday, March 17, 2012

Schmoozathon in Anaheim

Conventions are always a complicated handful.

They're fun—you get to stay up until two hearing hilarious stories and bullshitting with other professionals.

But they're awful too, when you attend without an agenda. I'm on a panel on Saturday, so on Friday, I wandered around and socialized.

Sometimes this works great. Steve and I hung out with Scott Koblish, Ted McKeever, Brian Haberlin, Scott Lobdell, and of course our old friend David Wohl.

Other times, it's awkward. Like when you run into someone you've known for years and they look exhausted and seem to be avoiding you, and you know it's just that they've got a lot of responsibility, but then you start to get a complex.

And then there are moments when you run into, er...celebrities.

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