Sunday, March 15, 2009

Not Adapting

Few things in life may be certain, but of this there can be no doubt:

Though I own multiple adapter plugs, enough to plug my laptop into any outlet in the world several times over, I will never take quite the one I need to the country I need it in.

Which is why I had to rush out to Boots when I was in London. Because otherwise, I'd have been dragging around an expensive paperweight called a MacBook.

I remembered to carry the European purpose-built Apple adapter. But why did I leave the one I'd need in Kuwait and London at home?

Just cuz.


Matt Hollingsworth said...

Ah, but do you have a step up transformer? I'm guessing you do.

Marie Javins said...

I do but funny thing is I've never used it. Or the step down. Because the laptop is multi-voltage, portable hard drive is multi-voltage, the mobile charges off the laptop, and I have two hair dryers, one from the US and one from Spain. Alarm clock runs off a battery. I think that's it.

Matt Hollingsworth said...

I only use mine for my scanner. Scanner is perfectly fine so didn't wanna replace it and I could need the transformer for something in the future.

I need a really big one for my brewing equipment. 1600 watts I think. Fuck that's gonna suck.