Friday, March 06, 2009

Botero Balls

I was in Bogota last March and went into the Botero Museum.

I'm not exactly a person of Culture. I frequently find myself annoyed at certain types of high-falootinness. "Me, I'm cultured! You, you're a peasant! I may look mild but I am secretly a RAGING CULTURE VULTURE!"


(Which reminds me... what's the best way to get to Carnegie Hall? Rent it. Worked for Marvel in 1972.)

Anyway, feelings-of-personal-inadequacy rant aside, I loved the Botero Museum. And walked into one room and saw this cat.

"Hey, that's the Raval cat from Barcelona!"

I'd walked past it every day for 3 months in 2004, when I'd lived around the corner.

So I went out of my way to take a closer look over the weekend, and to my surprise, discovered that the Ravel Botero cat is clearly male.

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