Thursday, March 05, 2009

At Home in BCN

I've wanted to live on Argenteria, a street in Barcelona's El Born district, since my first trip there to buy ground coffee in autumn of 2004. It was not full of tourists like the nearby Gothic quarter, but it was still atmospheric and edgy.

There are a lot more tourists in Born these days, but I didn't mind. I am one of them.

Barcelona is struggling just like the rest of the world, so when I stumbled over a newly renovated 3-bedroom flat with internet at a great bargain last-minute price, I snapped it up.

Three bedrooms are overkill— though a UK-pal was flying in for a few days to catch up—but the 3-bedroom flat was the same price as the studio I usually rent from Rentalona.


Pville Peg said...

How long will you be in Barcelona?

Marie Javins said...

Psst... I'm home now.