Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Yet(i) Another Distraction

One of the pitfalls of writing the text for a 3D children's atlas is distraction. I search for a piece of information, start reading, and before you know it, an hour has passed and I've learned all about something fascinating but irrelevant.

I've been obsessing over polar bears for days now, and started this morning off by trying to determine who'd win in a fair fight, a polar bear or a grizzly bear.

Next thing you know, I was hunting for images of the Himalayan Brown Bear, a/k/a the fearsome yeti.

In 2000, I read an entire book about mountaineer Reinhold Messner's search for the yeti. He saw one, you see, and it kind of freaked him out, and he thought, "That's odd, and I'd like to know if that was a yeti." He reckoned (after further research expeditions) that it was a rare, humongous bear that would stand on its hindlegs and scare the daylights out of people.

Here's an article about a Japanese researcher that agrees with Messner. Yep, it's a Himalayan Brown Bear.

I'm fine with the yeti being a bear. Bears are scary too.


Anonymous said...

Scare bears!


Right, I'll get me coat then.

scarfalonius said...

I'm not fine with the yeti being a Himalayan brown bear. Yeti's a yeti. Bear's a bear. A bear might have a quality of yetiness to it, but it's still a bear. Different thing altogether. Bears exist, they're proven to exist, and yetis just ain't. That's what makes it a yeti.

For more yeti-ocity try

Amanda Castleman said...

Never mind the fight, what about the divorce settlement?

And who keeps the grolar bear cubs?


Marie Javins said...

The divorce settlement IS the fights. Match of the century--Mama Polar Bear and Daddy Grizzly. Wanna place bets?

(Course, if the yeti gets involved, all bets are off.)