Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Fun with Furnaces


I am the proud new owner of this lovely "expansion tank." This is good because it means I have heat again—an essential element to life in the northeastern US during the winter.

It is my understanding that this expansion tank is superior to other expansion tanks because it is red.


Marie Javins said...

And as it turns out, all the plumber had to do was drain out the water, unscrew the old, install the new (with Teflon tape) and bleed the pipes. I felt a little silly to have paid him to do something so easy.

Anonymous said...

Does it come in fuchsia?

Marie Javins said...

It would if I spray-painted it!

If I were going to stay here... I'd use stencils and make it fab. Whaddaya say we go into business painting dik-diks on expansion tanks? It's all the rage.