Friday, July 28, 2006

Toilet Humor

The second comic strip that Kevin Kobasic and I worked on for Comiculture was not lettered or colored before the series quit publishing. It was about the wonders of public toilets in China, which were known for their squalor and, uh, lack of aesthetics.

Now I can't remember what I'd written for captions.

I think I suggested that one always carry hand disinfectant, double-knot shoelaces so that they didn't fall into puddles of pee, gauge each prospective loo on the stink-o-meter, use the buddy system where one stays outside in case they need to rush in and rescue the other, watch out for curiosity seekers as there are frequently no doors, and finally, find a McDonald's instead. Most of these rules were established by Yancey and Turbo, during our Intrepid China trip.

China has recently upgraded their public toilets in advance of the Beijing Olympics, with a little help from the WTO. And no, it doesn't stand for World Trade Organization.


Don Hudson said...

No comments as of yet, but Kevins' art is the best! Very funny!

Marie Javins said...

He's so good. I haven't talked to him in a few years. I know he has a kid now, so that's probably why he's been kind of busy. I should write him an email. In fact, I'll go do that right now.

Don Hudson said...

Marie! Check out my blog and see if you remember this photo.

Marie Javins said...

Too cute. So young, the brown-haired girl. Did you ever hear the story about how Kevin and Steve ran into each other randomly in Paris? They did.

I have a cell phone number for KK from a few years back, and his email.