Friday, July 07, 2006

Berry Confused

There are about 7 million mulberries in my backyard right now. I used to think I'd make mulberry pies but I'm too lazy and the kitchen is too hot anyway.

(Note to Anonymous poster in VIC who felt compelled to criticize my also-lazy sentence structure/spelling in the preceding paragraph and whose obnoxious comment I deleted: You spelled "sentence" wrong. Thanks for your incredibly useful input. Now go away.)

Then I read about mulberry pancakes. That I can handle! I went outside to collect mulberries and instead made the acquaintance of thousands of fruit flies.

I could get fresh mulberries from the yard tomorrow morning (having cleaned up today's), but then I encountered anecdotes of people having hallucinations from eating mulberries. And a lot of people saying that was nonsense.

Has anyone ever eaten mulberries?


Anonymous said...

The house at Black Rock had a mulberry bush out front. Mulberry pancakes were a weekly staple throughout the summer when we were growing up. Enjoy. Also good is regular pancakes with a mulberry compote.

Marie Javins said...

Well, you don't seem to have had weekly hallucinations, so I guess I will give it a try.

Probably a lot more fun with a whole family, but I guess if I'm experimenting, it's best to try it on myself.

Unknown said...

I had a mulberry tree out in the garden when i lived in India, and never had a mulberry induced hallucination in my life.And im someone who will take any opportunity to have hallucinations!!

scarfalonius said...

We've got lots of mulberry trees in Athens, they're leftover from when raising silkworms was a big deal. Someone told me once that silkworms, if prepared correctly, induce hallucinations when eaten. Sounds dubious.