Saturday, July 01, 2006

Home in Uganda

This time last year, I'd just moved into a suburb of Kampala into a serviced apartment complex called Aspen Place on Ggaba Road (or Gaba Road, depending on the sign you're reading). I went through a realtor named Lynn who had been to a real estate course in the US and she knew exactly what Americans expect from a rental agent. I was there in Aspen about half the time over the next three months.

I don't remember her taking photos when we were there looking at the flats, but I just found one on her site that has got to be from our first visit to Aspen Place. I didn't like the apartments at first--they showed me two-bedrooms and it seemed far from town. But when I worked out that the minibus stopped in front and went straight to the wi-fi coffee and sandwich shop (not to mention a great steak place), and that they also had a smaller flat with fewer amenities for a better price, I changed my mind.

I liked it, though after a while it became apparent that staying in Murchison Falls full-time would have been just fine too.

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