Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tangible Results of Kuwait

I went to the gym today, for the first time since I returned home.

While I was living in Kuwait, I never went to the gym. They were really expensive there and I didn't have a reliable method of transportation to get to and from the gym. I really only worked all day, or worked freelance all evening. And then I slept. Not much of a life, but I did have a lot to get done.

Today, the helper at the gym weighed and measured me. I knew I'd gained weight, but now I have the tangible results of what sitting still for three months in Kuwait means to me.

7 pounds overall
1.25 inches around the waist
1.25 inches around the hips
1 inch around the abdomen

I guess that'll teach me to sit on my butt for three months.


Don Hudson said...

What is the Kuwaiti diet like? Americanized or Middle Eastern? Beef, fish or Lamb?

Marie Javins said...

More like McDonald's, KFC, and Frappucino, since you asked.

Amanda Castleman said...

Clearly we're gonna get rich exporting peeps then...