Sunday, April 30, 2006


My mother and her husband, who live in the mountains of Virginia above the Shenandoah Valley, are looking for a larger house in the area. They have a beautiful wooded chalet near Bryce Resort.

I was really traumatized the first time she moved, leaving the house I grew up in--though it was undoubtably for the best as the neighbors were insane--but since then it's turned into no big deal.

Each time my mother moved, more and more of my useless junk got jettisoned. Which was for the best, as I obviously didn't need it or I would have taken it with me to New York. (I am still jettisoning my own stuff, but for some reason I seem to acquire at a more rapid rate than I shed, even though I'm not a big shopper.)

Mom did rescue my early 70s acrylic painting of Spotsy—my childhood dog—during the first move. I think this is the only thing I ever painted that didn't involve superheroes or paint-by-numbers.

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Steve Buccellato said...

How much do you think you could get for it on ebay?
(maybe you could add Wolverine in there somewhere)