Monday, April 10, 2006

Kuwait Again

When I first got to Kuwait, I decided to ask random people (such as taxi drivers or janitors) where they were from and what they thought of living in Kuwait. I lost interest in the project quickly, but here are a few of the answers I got.

Omani: "No. I am only here to get work experience."
Egyptian: "No. I am here to work. I like Jimmy Carter."
Filipino: "Only five percent of Kuwaitis are really nice but this is my home. My children grew up here."
Syrian: "Of course. Kuwait is my home."

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Angelicrage Sub-Blog said...

Most people are here in Kuwait for MONEY! And sadly most of them don't respect Kuwait, they take what they want, then they just say bad stuff about it, I’ve seen many like that, one of the biggest examples is Saddam Hussein hehe.

Kuwait is full with love to everyone, especially Kuwaiti people; they might be harsh at the beginning of a relation ship because they're kinda over-protective. But then the ice melts and you'd receive a whole bunch of love. I know many Lebanese who came here for work.

One of them said to me: “Before I came here, I heard all kinds of things about Kuwaiti people, that they are full of them selves, filled with ego, and are so harsh to foreigners. But as I came to spend more time here, I met many Kuwaiti's that are as old as me, and they invite me over for dinner and coffee everyday, and laugh and talk with me all the time, they even call and ask how am doing from time to time. I’ve never seen such modest and nice generous people in my life”

It’s as simple as: If the foreigner is nice, they’ll be nice to him, and generous, and kind.