Monday, January 02, 2006

Uganda Court Frees Opposition Candidate

This is promising, although my guess is they'll find a new reason to keep the opposition candidate in jail. (And isn't it cool that in Uganda, someone with the name "Bosco" can be a judge?)

From today's Daily Monitor:

Court frees Besigye
KFM/Monitor Online
The High Court has ruled that FDC president Rtd. Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye should be released immediately.

High Court judge John Bosco Katutsi ruled that the FDC president and presidential candidate was being held illegally at Luzira prisons since he had been granted bail and the Court Martial, under whose order he was being held at Luzira, did not have power to remand him since a stay of its proceedings had been ordered by Justice Remmy Kasule.

Besigye however remains at the High Court where Justice Katutsi is hearing the first of three charges leveled against the former- that of rape. The other offences Besigye is charged with are treason and concealment of treason.

Monitor Online will continue to bring you updates on this story


Police battle FDC supporters

Reports from Central Kampala indicate that police were involved in running battles with FDC supporters who were advancing toward the High Court in jubilant mood after word went around that their leader Dr. Kiiza Besigye had been set free by Justice Katutsi.


Marie said...

Incredible... they really freed him. Besigye is out. For now.

H.M. is going to Kampala tomorrow. I hope the police with tear gas have calmed down by then. I'm still a little steamed at him but I sure wouldn't want him to get tear-gassed.

Jared said...

Hmm... you seem to be parralleling your troubles with Uganda's. That is very literary. Are you a character in a book?

Marie said...

Uh, yeah, I meant to do that.

M said...

I could use some potentially happy news, thanks. Hopefully his freedom will stick.