Sunday, January 08, 2006

Carriage House

I am totally in love with this house.

I asked Yancey where it was. He has taken Murphy on hundreds of walks around every street in Hamilton Park. He had no idea.

Today I found it. It's in the backyard of a historic brownstone right on Hamilton Park. It's even on my street, just two blocks away! It's officially a condo, and you can't see it from the street. You have to go through the brownstone to get to it.

But there is no way on this earth that I will ever have $500,000, even if I sell my place for $350,000 and the Kuwaitis decide I make awesome comic books for them.

Speaking of Kuwait, I go tomorrow. I have to change airports in London. Maybe I'll spend my down time in the library so that I don't have to spend any pounds.


Jared said...

If you buy that house you'll just have to rent it out. We all know that you can't stay still for long.

Marie said...

That and renting is the only way I could ever pay the mortgage... even then, do they sell expensive houses to unemployed freelancers?

PaulaB said...

why not!?
It's gorgeous!
I concur with Jared...
bon voyage mon ami! and buena suerta!

Peter Moore said...

Hey Marie,

I'll be working in the British Library on Monday and Tuesday, If you do come in, let me know and I'll by you a coffee!


No Frontin' said...

Hi, I randomly found your blog because someone was referred to my blog via yours through blogger's "finda another blog." I browsed a little and saw that you lived in Barcelona last year. I am very interested in doing the same, do you have any advice on finding work/lodging in the city for a recent graduate? I'll check back here for a response but an email to nofrontin AT gmail DOT com would be awesome. Thanks.

Marie said...

Peter- Great! See you in the British Library on Tuesday. I had this idea for a book... me going from Cape Town to Cairo by land. What do you think of this title: "Swahili for the Broken-Hearted." Good, right?

Marie said...

No Frontin'-- I know nothing about finding work in Barcelona. I'm a freelancer and I do the same work no matter where I am.

As for housing, if you are looking for a share or willing to sign a lease, you'll have no problems. But I was short-term and wanted a furnished place--this means a lot more euros per month.

Here's me talking about finding housing in Barcelona., and worked for me.

It's a great city. I like El Raval for living, just like the East Village of old in NYC. Or maybe more like Queens. I guess it isn't for everyone.