Sunday, January 29, 2006

Down and Internet-less in Kuwait City

There was some kind of fire and it was somewhere important. Internet go bye-bye here in Kuwait. Or at least in huge chunks of the city.

One of these chunks covers both my apartment and my office. It's amazing how much depends on the internet. We don't even have an intranet so I copied things onto my USB stick and walked it over to the writer only to find that his USB drive was busted. Ho-hum.

Sven and I had a mandoub drive us out of the area to Starbucks. The internet works here, but now it seems that the artist I needed to send a contract to found it in his spam folder. Oh well, guess I'll just answer my emails instead.

Expect radio silence for a bit. Those who really need to find me can ask my mother for my phone number or use my secret email-to-SMS address.


Jared said...

I'll just use my mental mind to contact you.

Anonymous said...

Are computers so crappy in Kuwait that they only have one USB port? I doubt it. Sounds like your writer didn't feel like working.

Marie Javins said...

Ah, true, but the writer seems to have scored the worst laptop in the company. I think it's because all the fancy new computers go to the graphic artists and the other stuff gets passed down. Same as anywhere, I reckon.

Anonymous said...

hey it's the same in New Mexico - Robert's working for a small printing company that wants to be successful against the competition but they are working on old computers with old operating systems and the one of the printers they rent is an old heidelberg! he's got some of the equipment literally held together with duct tape and paper clips. he's trying to get them to upgrade but they don't have enough money - so it's piece-meal.
& I work in a drafty old portable that sometimes has no water and no phone - don't ask. it's ridiculous. :)
sad to say but it figures that at least you can count on Starbucks! ha!
I LUV the slippers! they are cute!