Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Losing It in Bneid Al-Gar

I haven’t been taking care of myself properly over here. I’ve been skipping meals, not drinking enough water, and burning the midnight oil on deadlines whenever I’m not at the office. And the freelance deadlines keep getting screwed up by little things from freelance sources, things that should only take “a minute.” Nothing only takes a minute. Filling out forms takes all g*dd@mned day.

Today I’m paying for it with an incredible headache. It could be because I’m allergic to tobacco, and we’re never far from the scent of a lit cigarette. Or it could be, as Sven told me, that it’s easy to get dehydrated here. I’m going to have to make more of an effort to drink more water, especially given how easy it is to have another cup of coffee set in front of you here in Kuwait.

I'm pretty sure it's not because I started walking to work today. No one stared. I even saw another female pedestrian.

I’m having a hard time working up the energy to blog lately, as I like to spend my free time sleeping. So if I slow down a bit here, forgive me.

Now, where was I before I took a paracetamol and collapsed on the couch? Ah, Donald Duck needed coloring, and still does.


Jared said...

Wow, this is your first downbeat blog since leaving Jersey City. I think Kuwait has been good to you over all. Have a nice drink of water.

Marie Javins said...

Today I'll listen to my mother. Drink more water, eat lunch. No headache this a.m. Hoping to keep it that way.

Jewaira said...

Starting your day off with a typical hearty breakfast from the sandwich shop - fava beans or falafel or eggplant and potatoes plus fresh juice for a nominal price, should sustain you and get you going in the morning. Always keep a bottle of water next to you; in winter it is easy to forget to drink water here.

Marie Javins said...

It is easy to forget; it isn't hot out and doesn't seem like "dehydrating" weather. Well, I have learned my lesson. Now I need to find one of these sandwich shops. I'm not keen on eggplant (or babaganoush) but the rest sounds like a fantastic breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Hey Marie - just started catching up on your blog - the kiddos have been very demanding lately (along with a psycho parent). I have the same thing here. I find I don't drink enuf aqua and then my lips get chapped and I find myself more prone to headaches or the sinus migraine! Oye. got a small humidifier in my bedroom and try to have a bottle o' water handy at all times. also am addicted to Emergen-C. I credit that stuff with keeping the "grip" at bay.
keep on trucking! we're with you & I concur w/Jared - you have been more upbeat since your arrival in Kuwait.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie, your blog brought back old memories.. i lived in BNeid Al Ghar right up to the invasion....
About drinking water... switch off the AC and you'll start drinking water by the gallons. Cheers! Anna