Thursday, July 08, 2010

Summer Night

Here's a view out of my front window. The lights are the newly renovated tennis courts. To the right is the mini-golf course. The soundtrack is thump - thump - thump - thump. Then at ten, psssssssssh—the park sprinklers come on.

Yes, it's been a hellaciously hot couple of weeks. I nearly lost my flip-flops into the melted tarmac of Eighth Avenue on the way to work yesterday. I've been googling how to escape from quicksand in case my feet get stuck too.

But it's gorgeous out too, in its swimming to the PATH, shimmering-pollutants sort-of way. Every day is perfect in its extreme-mad-heat. It's horrible, but I love it.


Yancey said...

YAY J.C.!!!

Amanda Castleman said...

I fell into quicksand once (in the North Cascades. No joke. A stream had undermined a sandy trail in the high desert). With one step, I sunk to mid-thigh, then did the bellyflop-and-spread-your-weight thing.

I was starfished across the path when my parents rounded the corner. And they managed to extract me, after about 10 minutes of hysterical laughter...

That technique sounds MUCH more miserable on melted tarmac.