Monday, July 12, 2010

Buffalo and Bears

A few months ago, Roberta showed me some photos of sculptures.

"Where is that?" I asked.

"Right up the hill, in the Heights. I pass them on my way back from visiting my family."

I asked Michael Kraiger about them.

"Oh yeah, my kid likes those. Buffalo, bears, and a lion."

I cursed at him a bit for having never told me about the sculptures before, then yesterday got my car out of the garage and took an excursion up the cliff.

A buffalo and a bear guard the northern and southern corners of Leonard J. Gordon Park, along Kennedy and Manhattan Avenues in Jersey City Heights. And down the hill is a small lion statue.

The buffalo and bear sculptures, by sculptor Solon Borglum (who was active in establishing our JC libraries), are 103 years old! They've probably seen better days, but they're still dramatic.

The lion hasn't fared as well. I can't even find any information on his age or origin.

Here are some photos of the buffalo, bears, and lion.

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Ed Ward said...

What I thought: younger brother of the guy who did Mt. Rushmore: