Monday, May 31, 2010

Shadow Dancing and All That

Why, look, it's my Andy Gibb trading cards!

Except... they aren't trading cards. They appear to be one large full color poster and a stick of Super Bubble. And I don't even think this is mine.

But it has to be mine, because it was in the bottom of a box that belongs to me.

I don't know where these came from. Maybe someone gave them to me as a joke or maybe I bought them thinking I could put them on Blogger in a few decades after the Internet gods invented easy online personal journals. Dunno.

If I shake the pack, it sounds like the gum is in pieces. Mmm, gum. Now I want a cookie.

Should I open this and examine the innards? Or maybe give it to someone who might find it interesting? Perhaps as a birthday gift.


Marie said...

Worth a whopping ninety-nine cents on eBay.

Ed Ward said...

Aw, too bad. That was going to be my suggestion.

Word rec: herbil. Is that, like, a vegetarian gerbil?