Sunday, May 16, 2010


So I have this friend.

She's smart, savvy, nice, cool, and I've known her since 1984.

Which is why, on her blog, I was surprised to learn that she was one of a group of plaintiffs who won a civil settlement against the diocese from her Catholic elementary school.

Yes, that's right. Someone I know, and have known a long, long time, was abused by a priest when she was little.

When she sent me a link to her blog, I clicked right over. She's a great, hilarious, clever writer.

Huh, that's not what I expected.

Later, she wrote that she hadn't even told her college boyfriend of three years. So I guess it isn't surprising that I didn't know and none of us knew.

The blog is fascinating, and she tries to tell the story without being salacious and most importantly, she tries to explain why she didn't tell her parents or the police.

Here is the blog. You have to go back to the first entry to read it in chronological order, just like my blog. But it's a lot shorter, thus easier to scroll back.

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