Sunday, March 22, 2009

Real Estate Redux

Back when I sold my second condo, I whined a lot here on this blog about how if I didn't have a contract by Thanksgiving, the party would be over and I'd probably be stuck with my place as the market plunged.

I am not a financial analyst; just a person who can read and see when things are insanely out of control.

So fine, I sold and the party ended. It was a bit later than I expected it, but nevertheless, I sold about 4 months and $25,000 after I should have. That's okay. I'm just glad to have gotten out when I did, and glad that my good friend Yancey had a better, closer place that he owns outright, and it needed a tenant/house-sitter.

But I know that mortgage rates are down now and I know that at some point, I'll perceive that it's time to buy again. So I keep an eye on things. I read articles like this one and this one, which tell me that we are not near the bottom yet in this region.

But you know, reading these articles really pisses me off. Six million dollar apartments? Ten million dollar apartments? My sympathy knows no bounds.

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John Bligh said...

Marie, you should split the difference and buy two $5 Million Dollar apartments. That way you can use one on the weekends only and pretend you're on vacation!