Thursday, March 26, 2009

New York Morning

"Do you have a hundred-calorie bagel?"

Startled, I looked at the young, thin woman standing in line at the deli counter next to me. What the hell? Hundred-calorie bagel? Must figure out what that is later.

The deli guy looked confused too. But he knew more than I did.

"No. But we have Thomas' English Muffins." He showed her the calorie count on the packaging.

"I'll make it work. How about turkey bacon?"

"Yes, we have turkey bacon."

"Okay, give me turkey bacon and egg whites on the Thomas'.'"

This is probably a standard exchange for deli guys all around New York, but the funny thing is that this wasn't an upscale deli. It was just a rundown, dark, hole-in-the-wall deli. The kind of place that probably employs illegals under-the-table and racks up health department violations every month, leading me to think I should be drawing some kind of conclusions about... well, something. Maybe about turkey bacon, and egg whites, and hundred-calorie bagels. Maybe I should try that next time. With a side of fries.

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Linda said...

What are the illegals doing under the table anyway?