Saturday, January 03, 2009

Night On the Town

I struggle with group meals. Everyone argues over the bills and the service takes forever.

Last night, I tagged along with the group. And just after we left the hotel in Potosi, the rain started.

And got harder. And harder. But the time we got near the plaza, thunder and lightning kicked in.

"It's only three more blocks," said the trip leader.

"I'm out. To hell with it. I'm going in the next place I see," I said. I veered off.

The next place I saw was an Internet cafe. And the rain was pouring down. And then the floods started. I sat down and made myself comfortable. I wasn't going anywhere for some time.


Marc Siry said...

No reason to struggle with group meals- they are always a bad idea, due to the 'tragedy of the commons'- unless, of course, you have more money than you need and are feeling charitable.

(My brother Darryl explains it nicely in his blog post about the death of environmentalism in 2009).

The bigger question: What happened to the rest of the party who were presumably caught up in the floods? Was the dinner a wash (ha ha)?

Andrea said...

Um... wow.