Saturday, May 08, 2021

Extreme Work-from-Home

My Pfizers were fully baked as of yesterday, and I ran out of coffee in Burbank.

So I took a Lyft to LAX this morning to a packed terminal, caught a nearly sold out plane to Los Cabos, then found a local bus to San Jose del Cabo, where I walked a kilometer to find my hotel (which given the circumstances of lower tourism rates was masquerading as an AirBnB, but I figured it out).

And now I've visited a flea market and eaten in an open-air restaurant (Mexican food, not surprisingly, but expensive for enchiladas since this is a tourist area). Then I went looking for the ATM that doesn't charge me, and passed a shopkeeper who noted my T-shirt. "Is that a jackalope?" "Yeah." "Are you from Wyoming?" "No, I have a pet jackalope back in Los Angeles."

Found the ATM, stopped by the hippest coffee shop in town which wasn't visible from the road. I had an iced oat latte with a paper straw, because while I seem forthright, I might be ridiculous. Then went to the town marketplace, the OXXO mart, to inquire at Enterprise rental car, and finally went for a swim at the AirBnB which is actually El Encanto Inn.

I have a walking tour at 7, and tomorrow I'll catch a bus to Cabo San Lucas to get a water taxi out to see the arch.

I'm pushing the limits over the next week--I guess I'll find out if my vaccinations did the job.