Saturday, February 23, 2013

Making Stuff

Remember when I took the three-month-long woodworking course at SVA? 

I loved that, and I enjoy most things where I get to take a class and do something new for a few hours. Like pie school or bag-sewing class or glassblowing school. I was terrible at both robot school and knitting school and you won't catch me trying those again, but I enjoy the experience of learning most new things.

I had a discount at 3rd Ward, and it's been a while since I got to do something with my hands, so I signed up for this class in making a cutting board.

Of course, by the time the class rolled around, I was much too busy with a deadline to go, but I'd signed up and paid already, so I shoved aside my work thoughts and caught the PATH to 14th Street to the L train to an alarmingly dilapidated stop.

And a great class. There were too many students, and my skills were rusty, but by the time we were gluing, I knew that I wanted more time to square my wood, but I'd overcome my long-term fear of the table saw.

The final product looks fantastic. It's mostly maple but has two outer strips of cherry. I love it, but if my past history is any reflection of what's going to happen next, I'll probably put off sanding and oiling this for a year.

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