Monday, February 18, 2013

Catching Up on Some Reading

I downloaded Warren Ellis's Gun Machine to my iPad the night before I flew to Burma in December. I thought I'd read it on the plane.

This turned to be an ambitious plan, the idea that I could keep my eyes open on either leg of the halfway round-the-world journey.

And then I didn't read it in Burma either. Too much to see. Too much work to do in the evenings, too much blogging to do too.

You'd think I'd have read it on my million-leg flight on the way home. I'm not sure why I didn't. Oh yeah. I was busy sniffling and sneezing all the way home.

I forgot about it after a while. I also have my friend Larry Hama's book sitting on that same iPad, downloaded the same night.

And then I started to feel guilty. Why don't I ever read anymore? And both of these guys are supportive of me and my projects...why hadn't I read their books?

I turned on my iPad the other night.

"I'll just read a chapter of Warren's book before I go to sleep. If I read a chapter a night, I'll finish it in a few weeks."

Three hours later, I finished it.

Yes, it's that good. 

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