Monday, July 09, 2012


Check out my new little camping stove that I got at REI in Vegas.

I'd been planning to only pick up a $10 gel stove—I already have a single burner that goes on a Coleman propane bottle at home, but it was too bulky to fit in my bag. But this was on sale for $29.95, and it fits in the small red plastic triangle for transport. You have to buy new fuel on landing as you can't take the fuel canisters on the plane, but that's the same for all camping stoves.

The only problem is I don't go camping all that much unless I'm actively traveling. And I tend to view camping more as an economic practicality when on the go, not as a destination unto itself. It's not all that much fun when you do it alone. Especially not in the humid misery of summers in the Northeast.

The other piece of my coffee essentials (because ultimately, this stove is intended to feed my morning caffeine addiction) is the mug. I've bought these mugs with matching coffee press screen for almost ten years now, and while they are harder and harder to find, they are perfect for travel because of their compact size. I've searched for more of them for years—they do break when you lean too heavily on the tab that drives the press—and was almost convinced there were no more of them in the world, when I stumbled over a stash of them in a store in Tasmania.

I bought nearly the entire stock.

I'm sure I'll use them.

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