Monday, March 08, 2010

A Year-Old Review

A geography teacher named Allison L. Newton reviewed Dik-Dik a year ago, and it just now popped up in my Google Alerts. I think that's because the issue the review was in was previously behind a pay-wall, but now it's free and online.

Her review is so kind-hearted and nice, and it came at a really good time after a particularly mean-spirited review on Amazon left me wondering if maybe I should just skulk off and never write again. I know we're not supposed to look and not supposed to let it bother us, but it took me years to not-look at comic book reviews. I'm not there yet with book reviews.

I put the PDF of the Geography Teacher review up here.

I wonder if they'd like to check out the 3-D atlas..?


Steve Buccellato said...

Nice review! Feeling better? ;)

Ed Ward said...

Ed's Guides For Better Living, p. 14: Never read the comments on anything except your own blog.