Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fire Sale

I like to torture myself, so I went up to the on-auction Central Ave firehouse yesterday to get a closer look.

The front is beautiful. But the copper at the top needs polishing and there is a ledge that pigeons seem to adore. Dried pigeon crap covers the sidewalk. A quick guess at the age of the windows: 15-20 years, based on the discoloration, materials, and style. These look like the windows at Yancey's when he first moved in, and those were 20 years old. Old windows might indicate that it's been a while since a major overhaul.

Pershing Field is across the street. Central Avenue is a busy, unattractive, urban street, but everything you need is right there.

The side shows that the place does need a lot of work. Some masonry needs restoration and some bits are crumbling. I'm not sure what's up with that fence.

I didn't walk away thinking "I must have this." I went away thinking that the project is way too big for l'il ol' me. I miss Turbo. He'd have that firehouse tamed in a month.

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