Wednesday, December 09, 2009

But Is It Worth It?

Peter tipped me off to a travel writing event happening in London in February.

Dervla Murphy is speaking. And Jan Morris. These aren't people I've ever had a chance to see. I doubt I'll get another chance.

I think... maybe I should go. But I never get anything out of conferences, and it's not like any of the workshops or tutorials will help me. I don't need feedback. I don't have anything to show. I need to sit my ass down and write.

But I could just go as a spectator. Keep my expectations low. I have the frequent flyer miles. I could fly into Barcelona for the day, then go to London for the event. I can't spend more time across the pond due to my obligations as a teacher in February.

But even that is gonna cost me. Even the "free" airfare (into Barcelona and back from London) includes taxes of $129. I can get a cheap room on Priceline or stay with friends, but it all adds up. Quickly. And the conference itself is the most expensive part!

I spent 30 euros on a Barcelona to London cheap airline ticket this morning. Just in case.


Unknown said...

To quote Tiger Woods - Just Do It. Even if it's only to see Jan and Dervla. Neither are going to be with us for much longer. And from all accounts don't get out much now.

Plus Daisy wants to go to Giraffe Cafe again!

Ed Ward said...

I agree: do it for potential inspiration.

Word recognition: fatord!

Marie Javins said...

I've booked (but not yet confirmed) the frequent flyer ticket. Bought the Ryanair ticket for BCN-Stansted for Thursday night, and purchased the conference ticket. Man, that's an expensive conference. Dervla Murphy better be there.

I couldn't get a free ticket to BCN except for Wednesday night, so I'm flying in, going to my clothing shops, then catching Ryanair to London. The things I do for a nice top.

Looks like I have a free hotel night near Stansted on some mileage points, so I'll take that, and consider the one near Heathrow too but it's so cheap there that I might just pay for it. Or I might fly home Sunday night instead.