Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bring On the Blizzard

I rushed over to Target last night—and the power went out. Nevertheless, I was able to acquire the trail mix I was there for. I mean legally. No, I didn't take this opportunity to loot.

Then this morning, I hurried to do my laundry and pick up my supplies. Because the East Coast is due to get slammed with some serious snow. Mom is already snowed in and the blizzard is heading our way.

Later, I took a look at my supplies and had to laugh at myself. Here is what I acquired for a snow day:

-one golden apple
-one pear
-two bananas
-one jar of Goya pico de gallo
-a tub of arborio rice
-some blueberries

I'm ready, obviously. Bring it on!

Though so far, the snow isn't terribly impressive.


Susan D-L said...

Goya pico de gallo is great stuff. They sell a good ginger soda as well. I got hooked on both items while living in Timonium, but oddly, Goya brand is not available here in our corner of the Southwest.

Linda said...

Yeah, the things I bought weren't really urgent either. We already had a decent supply of food. I did buy an extra roll of toilet paper, even though we had six rolls already. It just seemed traditional to buy it before a snow storm.