Thursday, December 11, 2008

Last Class of the Year

My second coloring class finished up last night.

"I'm telling my friends to take your class," said XX.A., son of a famous comic book artist (turned advertising illustrator).

Wha--? The pressure!

"Really?" My voice might have quivered just a little. He could see I was a little freaked out.

"I just want them to stop asking me questions about Photoshop." He backtracked.

Ah, relief.

"Don't do that," I thought. "I want students to come in here with low expectations. There were already three students in here who could out digital-paint me, though they claimed to have learned something. I had to use snarkiness to keep the class under control this time. Fortunately, I am a skilled snarker."

No more coloring school until January 14. Phew.

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